Craft Shop

The Craft Shop at the F.E. McWilliam Gallery & Studio displays a range of beautifully handcrafted products, created by talented designers and makers, showing a variety of jewellery, ceramics, fashion accessories, handbags, books

and various gifts, all showcased in a truly unique setting.  There is a price to suit every purse.


Some of the makers profiled at the F.E. McWilliam Gallery include the following:

Glass I Studio

Ghost and Bonesetter Jewellery

Mount Ida Pottery

Red Rufus children's toys

Fiona Mulholland Jewellery

Karo Art Ceramics

Green Gorgeous

Isle Jewellery

Rebecca Killen Ceramics

Martina Scott

Jill Graham Contemporary Jewellery

Stephen Farnam

Victoria Bentham Ceramics

Seacourt Workshop prints

Thomas Fergusson Irish Linen